Celebrate Your Positive Past

Listen! It is important to celebrate your positive past. People remember their failures more than their successes. When moving to the next level you need all the leverage you can muster. Recalling all of your past victories gives you the confidence to move forward.When I was preparing to quit my job I was scared as heck. Every possible negative emotion popped into my head. Every negative scenario came at me. What if I fail? How can I pay my bills? What if people don’t buy from me? Will the company hire me back? Can I find another job like this? Oh, gosh the medical insurance?I contacted my sales coach and he told me to spend a couple of hours writing down my past success in a journal. I wrote over 500 past victories big or small. My hands started to cramp. I was surprised of what I had accomplished during my life time. Armed with this information, I was ready to quit and go full-time in my business.I review my journal every week recording the daily winnings to reinforce the positives in my life. Often we get busy letting days, weeks, or month pass without stopping and celebrating what we have accomplished. Instead we harp on the deal that didn’t close, the client lost, or the criticism we take.

Here are some things that you can do to Celebrate Your Positive PastList 100+ Past SuccessStart a Victory Log and list 100 or more victories that have happened in your life. Big or small write them down. Get in a quiet spot where there aren’t any distractions. Cut off your phones and just write until you can’t write anymore. This is your start. After you finish reread it an hour later. Feel the feelings of those wins.9 Major SuccessesAnother simple way to brag about yourself is to list 9 major successes you have had in your lifetime. Start by dividing your life into 3 equal time lines. For example, if you are 45 you will divide your life from Birth-15, 16-30, and 31-45. Then for each time period list 3 major success:Birth -151. Learn How to Read2. Star Baseball Player3. Travel to Europe16-301. Graduated with Masters Degree2. College Scholarship3. Partner in Firm31-451. Married Awesome Wife2. 3 Beautiful Kids3. Started Own BusinessDisplay Your WinningsIn your office display your trophies, certifications, and pictures of you winning. There is a reason the name of my company is Winning This year, LLC. I want to be reminded of winning. These constant reminders drive home that you are successful. Visual cues combat negative emotions.The Mirror ExerciseI got this exercise from Jack Canfield’s, The Success Principles. For the next 90 days before you go to bed do this 2 minute mirror exercise:Speak out loud in front of the mirror. Look into your eyes and tell yourself all the wonderful things you did that day. What disciplines did you keep? What temptations did you flee? Who did you help? What did you do? Then tell yourself that “You” Love YOU. Do this every night for 90 days. Be consistent don’t miss a day.The Brag Table and CompletionThe Brag Table is designed to celebrate your accomplishments and give yourself recognition. You don’t feel complete until you are recognized for what you have done. Often times you complete a project and no one is around to cheer. Your boss accepts it as a job done, your clients expected it to be done, and your family just takes it for granted. People don’t know that you stayed away from that donut, you didn’t skip leg day, or you saved the deal at the last minute.

These small victories deserve their rightful place. This is where the Brag Table comes in. It is up to you to acknowledge every moment. Celebration brings completion. This is where you tout, shout, and run about with no humility. It is simple and doesn’t hurt anyone.For 5 minutes at the end of every week you get a table real or imaginary and you boldly brag about this weeks victories. If you have a partner this could be a weekly ritual. Spend 5 minutes celebrating. Then you end it. You have acknowledged what you have done for the week. Now you have completion.Next Level ShineI just giving you leverage to take conquer the next level. Use these exercises everyday and you will beat the doubt and fear that paralysis you from going forward.